ENVIENTA: on the way to a new society

… or why is it worth investing in ENVIENTA ICO?

ENVIENTA: on the way to a new society

… or why is it worth investing in ENVIENTA ICO?

Maybe many of you have heard of Ray Kurzweil’s name and theory of the exponential development of technology and singularity. Many of you agree with their point of view, others are a bit skeptic. We could take a simple glimpse but we are talking about a senior, highly respected researcher at Google. I admit that his prediction sometimes competing with sci-fi movies, but I do not want to talk about nanorobots or artificial intelligence at a human level, just let’s focus only on exponential development itself. I would like to talk about what is happening around us that we live in, and most of us do not even notice it in the big rush.

Technology is developing exponentially and we people are trying to catch up with it — but our backlog is just growing. This in itself does not seem like a big tragedy, but yes, it is. The gap between the poorest and richest part of the society is widening, and the effects of climate change are still denied by many people but hundreds of people dying as a result of it. Masses spending most of their time with a job that does not actually produce anything to pays loans and expenses that they do not really need. Somebody says that this is a modern slavery, while corrupt politicians are just parasites on our society rather than serving it. Huston, we have a problem …!

Our economic system and our social models are obsolete and our education system is out of date. We are currently just lagging behind! If we want to catch up, radical solutions are needed! ENVIENTA’s answer to the problem is using open source solutions — as our slogan says: open source everything. Of course, the open source should be interpreted much more broadly than as it is interpreted in the software development. Our traditional economic, social, educational, etc. systems are over-regulated and sluggish. In order to achieve quick results, we have to eliminate our blockers which inhibit our progress. We must use workarounds to avoid the patent system, economic, educational and social systems.

What is the vision of ENVIENTA and how do we want to achieve this?

We believe that by just suggestions we can not achieve a serious change. That’s why we want to build a training center on the Canary Islands, where we will not only describe our vision, but we can also show/demonstrate it. Those who are interested can see, try our solutions or even they can move in for a short period of time, they can give a try out how would life looks like in a world that we dreamed of.

From this point of view, the ENVIENTA training center is a bit similar to TESLA Solar City, a kind of sample village, fully powered by the products of the company. All components of the ENVIENTA park will be open sourced from the buildings to the furniture including the last screws. We believe that if we show an example and provide all the knowledge what needed, many people in the world will have the pleasure to build similar parks and to start something.

But the training center is only the first step: We want to create a software platform designed to help the development and distribution of open source hardware (buildings, furniture, tools, vehicles, etc.) which is similar to ours. In addition, we would like to help with other open-source solutions to spread the sharing-based and the blockchain based economic and social models. We believe that these technologies have the potential to have a significant impact on them. In a relatively short time, a major movement can be done, we could live in a world which is far more optimistic, more sustainable and more prosperous than focusing only on the unlimited growth. To find investors for such a radical idea, we need at least such a radically new investment form also. So we finally decided on cryptocurrency based fundraising, the ICO.

Why is it worth investing in ENVIENTA?

We do not dare to emphasize that the main argument for investing in the ENVIENTA project is that it is an investment in the future. Any software, hardware, economic/social model, etc. created by us or with our help is a public domain for everyone. Anyone can use, distribute and can make additional develop/enhance it for free.

Although this approach appears to be risky for the first time compared to traditional investments, we believe that there is a huge business potential lies in our model. In fact, this business potential can be even bigger than in conventional models. It sounds a bit paradoxical that you can earn money with free stuff, but we think there is a reality regarding this. The key is the exponential spread of free resources. Like in the traditional model, there is no revenue from patents and know-how, however, there is a huge market potential in related services. The education itself, the rental of the training facilities, trading of 3D printed components, tools (solar panels, battery packs, etc.) and services will generate revenue.

We believe that those who will build their own parks based on our plans, they will buy from us the necessary expertise, accessories, or the required tools itself (building, furniture, etc.). We believe that this will generate more revenue in the long run than traditional sales model, while the benefits of the society are much greater. This is a win-win situation.

Of course, this sounds good, the business component here is just secondary. The primary goal is the social benefit. We can say the same thing Elon Musk said when he was asked why he made TESLA’s patents available for free. Elon’s response sounded like this:

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