Decentralized development and production — Phase 4

There is only one article left from the ENVIENTA project’s development phases, which covers the last and perhaps the most exciting phase…

Decentralized development and production — Phase 4

There is only one article left from the ENVIENTA project’s development phases, which covers the last and perhaps the most exciting phase, the 4th phase. As we can see from our previous posts, openness and the decentralized system are the two key motifs of the ENVIENTA project. Depending on the success of our ICO, these two motifs can become more and more successful, and together, the purchased tokens become more and more valuable.

Phase 1

During the Phase 1, a training center will be established, all of its components are open source and free to use. The training center is also an apartment park where anyone can come and try the technologies and lifestyle that we offer.

Phase 2

If we can acquire the capital needed for Phase 2, we can establish our training center and we can start to spread ENVIENTA’s philosophy and know-how in big volume. This also means more business potential.

Phase 3

The really interesting things can be done in Phase 3. The goal here is to develop a software platform that helps projects from idea to sales/distribution throughout their life cycle. Basically, open source hardware developments are the primary target area, but we also support the development of software and even new social and economic models (e.g. DAOs).

What makes the development itself interesting is that the ENVIENTA platform itself is a project, like many other projects which are running on the Platform. We will apply our own system and philosophy during development. In our case, all stages will be open to users and third-party developers from the very beginning of development. Anyone can join to the development, make suggestions and participate during the negotiating of them. Based on the submitted proposals, the ENVIENTA Core Team defines the development tasks, and we are expecting external developers to apply. As a project-oriented work, anyone can join our development team and implement functions.

Unlike a traditional company, ENVIENTA will never have a huge development team with dozens of people, there will be only one core team that controls development, but hundreds of external developers and users will work with us on the software. This is what we call decentralized development model. We believe that working with our users and building on such a world-wide quasi-unlimited scalable third-party development team, we can achieve the best results. All this I found to be important in this section because it is almost as well as being further developed in Phase 4.


Phase 4

Phase 4 is the implementation of decentralized production. This is the last step where ideas from the platform can become real, tangible products. As ENVIENTA will never have a huge development team, we certainly do not want to put production lines into service. Instead, we will create a kind of franchise system that will make it possible for anyone to become a manufacturer of ENVIENTA products, giving an endlessly scalable manufacturing capacity to all. To apply, several conditions must be met by that manufacturer. These will include support for open source projects as well as the support for ENVIENTA also. So you can build a lean business model around open source hardware. To establish such a production sites will be supported by ENVIENTA as an investor. In these makerspaces, ENVIENTA will be a business partner, and this will produce long-term profits. In addition, in both Phase 3 and Phase 4, we allocated a budget for supporting software and hardware projects and related research. A part of the profit from these investments will be reinvested by our “company” (double quote because of the decentralized structure), and another part of it will be invested into a token repurchase fund. According to our plans, tokens issued during the ICO will be able to be repurchased from our investors at multiple prices.

It is clear from the beginning that ENVIENTA has been put its trust into the open community model. The gates are open to everyone and encourage joint work by exploiting the huge business potential (in our opinion) in the model. Although we have a well-defined plan and strategy to accomplish our goals, we would like to involve our target audience and especially our investors at any point. We want investors to be involved in our decisions in proportion to their tokens in order to co-manage ENVIENTA. As you can see, we have precise plans for the next couple of years, but we do not even guess what will the future bring to us. We are also looking for the most optimal models for running our organization. Maybe once ENVIENTA becomes a DAO, or a public limited company or an unidentified, unstructured form of organization. We don’t know at the moment. Whatever it may be, we believe that our project has great financial potential and the social benefits are priceless…

ENVIENTA will launch an ICO token sales campaign soon, and through your investment, you can bring us closer to our goals which are outlined above. You can find our campaign page here: